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As a Scholé Group, we are a homeschooling community that employs the content of a classical curriculum and the pedagogy of restful learning embodied by the word scholé. The word scholé (pronounced skoh-LAY) comes from a Greek word that means “restful learning,” with the connotation of “contemplation,” “conversation,” and “reflection.”  Our mission is to pursue deep engagement that results in enjoyable, permanent learning—that is, to bring scholé to our homeschool co-op.

Welcome to Calgary Classical Scholé


scholé learning begins in wonder and leads to wisdom


deep, permanent learning


pursuing restful, classical education…together


bringing education to life


leading students in learning that lasts

Space is still available for grades 7-9 students to enroll in our Dialectic class --- a waiting list has begun for students in grades 1-6.

Our Children

why we do what we do

Our Tutors

cultivating wonder and imagination

Annemarie Barwich

Director & Teacher

After 14 years of homeschooling her four children, Annemarie began working as an online highschool guidance counselor and teacher-facilitator for CFL@Home for 6 years. Annemarie began homeschooling after reading For the Children’s Sake, following the educational principles of Charlotte Mason. Continued reading and study opened the world of classical education, resulting in her vision to begain a local Scholé group.

Monica Hielema


With a love for igniting wonder and delight in children, Monica’s passion is to equip students to know, love and practice that which is true, good and beautiful. God Himself is the embodiment of this truth as He declares His grace to be sufficient and His power to be made perfect in weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Katie Kiemeny


Katie is rooted in a holistic approach to life, from homesteading to homeschooling.  She has a passion to facilitate Christ centered learning.  She believes community is essential in our homeschooling journey and enjoys learning from others.  Katie loves her family, her horses and the great outdoors.


Kira Dixon


Through her journey as a homescooling mom, Kira’s eyes have been opened with delight and wonder to the beauty in educating children towards wisdom through great literature and the truth of history. She is passionate about intentional community through whcih lifelong friendships are formed. 

Michelle Champ


In 2010, Michelle was prompted to homeschool her daughters, so she cautiously began her journey within the fully-aligned program. Since that first year, Michelle’s eyes have been opened to the beautiful world of classical education where rediscovering the joy of learning alongside her daughters has nurtured a special interest in nature and history as it relates to the Word of God.

Mary Clark


Mary, partnering with her husband, continues in her calling to disciple their 5 children; initially through 25 years of home education and now through entrepreneurship and community living, as together they build a common vision and family legacy.

Cheyenne Klaassen


Cheyenne has been home educated her entire life; she loves learning alongside her family, with whom she has shared many exceptional learning experiences. She is passionate about music, especially violin and piano. At present, she is pursuing her studies in music at home. She also enjoys teaching piano. Cheyenne is excited to be able to share in the learning journey of the Scholé community. “For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O LORD, from my youth.” (Psalm 71:5)

Jolene Howard


Jolene is beginning to live from a place of daily surrender as she learns to say “Yes” to her Heavenly Father’s call to adventure and adjusts to an empty nest. She enjoys reading, cooking, games, road trips and meeting new people.

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