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    Monica Hielema

    Class Name: History for Grammar Students
    This week’s focus: Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto
    In preparation for Schole support class:
    • MOH text ~ Lessons 27
    • Optional to work on during Thursday’s Class: Bring coloring page for the MOH week: (Most will have finished this from last time / todays lesson corresponds to the last picture.) http://www.calgaryclassicalschole.ca/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/1-3e0c424b174623071e187e08ff5fe3d4/2020/11/Week-10-MOH-Coloring-Page.pdf
    • OR The Christmas Truce coloring page: http://www.calgaryclassicalschole.ca/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/1-3e0c424b174623071e187e08ff5fe3d4/2020/12/The-Christmas-Truce-coloring-page.pdf
    • And/or timeline page: http://www.calgaryclassicalschole.ca/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/1-3e0c424b174623071e187e08ff5fe3d4/2020/12/Karl-MarxTimeline-Card.pdf

    To be completed this week:

    • Complete Reading/Listening to Lessons 27
    • History read aloud (A list can be found in Appendix A of the Curriculum Guide.)
    ENRICHMENT CHOICES – Extra resources for children and families who desire more
    • Review Timeline Cards
    • Companion Guide
    • Companion Guide: Map 14 – Communist Nations
    Please contact mhielema@redeemer.ab.ca with any questions and submissions


    MUSIC – GR. 5/6

    Sleigh Ride with Body Percussion Rhythm challenge!!
    Get ready to move to the music!
    Sleigh Ride uses a RONDO form ABACA. This means sections will repeat. You may have to do it few times before you are able to get all the rhythms. Have fun!

    O Come, O Come Emmanuel: Watch and listen to this beautiful version of O Come O Come Emmanuel

    This Little Light of Mine: Watch this video. Wow!  They can really sing!

    The Russian Dance from the Nutcracker Suite: Use your homemade percussion instruments to play along with this video

    Hanukkah Hanukkah: Read and follow the melody, clap the rhythm with me

    Rhythm Review: Print out the Christmas Tree rhythm handout (found under RESOURCES in the music tab) page before you watch the video. Be sure to have pencil crayons or markers. As I say a rhythm, repeat it and then find it on your page. Colour the ornament that has that rhythm pattern.

    December 15 Video Link: Grade 5/6

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at aperlau@mtroyal.ca


    Annemarie Barwich

    Writing & Rhetoric Book 5 and 6
    This week’s focus: Lesson 8

    In preparation for Wednesday Schole Support class:
    *Bring Writing & Rhetoric Book 5, pencil, and eraser to Zoom Class

    *It is the week before Christmas! Come with a cozy drink to enjoy a relaxed class. We will enjoy reading and talking about the antics of Brer Fox once again. This time – we will look for something to confirm.

    Wednesday class W&R 5/6: online Zoom 2:30 to 3:20pm
    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 830 5288 7417
    Passcode: 660940

    To be completed this week:
    Complete lessons 8

    From Lesson 8 Confirmation: How Brother Fox Caught Brother Rabbit

    DUE: Before January 11th class – email abarwich@redeemer.ab.ca

    Annemarie Barwich

    Literature 5/6

    Read 20 minutes / day (minimum)
    For the month of December: Choose a book to read and prepare to share your reading choice with our class on January 8th, during our next Literature class. Show us your book, tell us the title and who the protagonist is.

    Also – in preparation for next Literature Discussion Class: have read the following version of fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault.


    It may be helpful to print the fairy tale and have your student mark it (annotate) the elements they notice when asking the contemplation questions:
    I notice…
    I wonder…
    It makes me think of…

    When finished, continue reading books of choice, suggestions include:
    Chronicles of Narnia books
    Living Book selection from list in Schole Curriculum Guide 2020-2021
    Classical Reader
    Classical Reader

    Karyn Booth

    W & R 3 Lesson 7 The Antagonist


    This week’s focus: Lesson 7 The Antagonist

    In preparation for Schole support class:

    From Pages 95-97 focus on discussing the TWO questions on Page 95: “What is the conflict in….?”

    Find TWO different colour highlighters. Using the instructions in the last paragraph of p 97, read the Julius Caesar story p 98-100.
    I’d suggest reading it ALOUD, perhaps you can take on different parts?
    Highlight in margin where it reads like a fiction or non fiction.
    Be able to identify the protagonist and antagonist in the Julius Caesar story.
    Do the narration orally or written (p 100-101)

    To be completed this week:

    P 101 Julius Caesar outline—STAR the main points, Underline the key ideas and label those ABC….
    OPTIONAL– Write the outline, the main skill is identifying the main points.

    Work on the WritIng Time page 104-top of 108.

    P 108-110 Complete 4 A B C D Part of this is your monthly assignment, see below.

    ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

    Take some time to write a letter to someone who needs some Christmas cheer.
    Write a letter of thanks to a community helper, such as local firemen or police unit, your recycling or garbage man…


    Page 108 4 A and B
    Last assignment we focussed on dialogue.

    I will be looking for

    good use of speaker tags, refer to last lesson’s help with that.
    brainstorming. **
    Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization are checked.
    Neat and tidy presentation.

    Please label all submitted work with:

    Class name Assignment title/source (Page 108…) and YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME

    **I do not expect you to know everything about pirates, so I scanned one page of my Usborne Thesaurus about pirates for your use.


    Please contact karynbooth.tutor@gmail.com with any questions and submissions.

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