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    MUSIC GR. 7-9

    This month, we are studying world music. Please watch this video of Ulali Rattle Songs

    As you listen, how would you describe the music?

    For our Zoom class on Tuesday, the following students will be presenting their Favorite Musician PowerPoint: Asher, Simon, Kiara and Anya.


    Here is the Zoom information:

    Topic: Schole Dialectic

    Time: Jan 19, 2021 11:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 989 8885 3854

    Passcode: 640917

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at aperlau@mtroyal.ca

    Catherine Hardy

    ART GR. 7-9


    (1) Watch the Lesson 7 video on linear perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-3Z6RmhxfE&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=CatherineHardy

    (2) Print and complete the warm up page (not for submission):


    (3) Choose one of the two project options described in this link (I apologize for the quality – the file size was too large to upload so I had to reduce it):


    (4) Kindly submit a photo of the Lesson 8 Project upon completion (gchardy@telus.net)

    Please contact Ms. Catherine at gchardy@telus.net with any questions.

    Monica Hielema

    Class Name: History for Dialectic
    Tutor: Video Lectures (Monica Hielema is contact person)
    To be completed this week:
    • MOH text ~ Lessons 34,35, 36
    • Video lectures
    ENRICHMENT CHOICES – Extra resources for children and families who desire more
    • Review Timeline Cards
    • Companion Guide – NOTE that Section B lists Supplemental Books and Resources for each lesson!
    • Map 17: American Civil War (Companion Guide)
    • Map 18: Civil War Battle Sites (Companion Guide)
    • Read Aloud Suggestions: The Red Badge of Courage, Across Five Aprils, Caddie Woodlawn, Turn Homeward, Hannalea
    • Battle Hymn of the Republic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=p5mmFPyDK_8
    • “Dixie” – Union Civil War Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=gvjOG5gboFU
    Please contact mhielema@redeemer.ab.ca with any questions.

    Heather McCollister

    Class Name: Grade 8/9 Literature 2

    This week’s focus: Animal Farm – Characters
    In Preparation for Class this Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 1:00 (note the time change):

    1. Read Chapters 4-6 of Animal Farm – by George Orwell
    2. As you read, use the attachment where we recorded all the characters introduced and some notes about his/her personality. Begin working on adding details to column 3 and 4 as plot events unfold. Make a copy of this updated document so you can add to it as you did the last time. Is there evidence through quotes that you can include to support personality characteristics? Give a page number as a reference.

    3. In your commonplace book, record a sentence or quote from Animal Farm that you find interesting and be prepared to share it with the class on Thursday.

    4. Read through Chapter 9 in Art of Poetry. History of Form, Movements and Genres.

    Enrichment for those who are wanting more:
    1. Complete the challenge to memorize Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. When we see this poem in both the January Schole update today and in our chapter on Tone, we recognize that it would be a good one to commit to memory. This would count for added participation marks!

    2. Complete some research and reading on Russia during 1900- 1950. How does it sound similar to Animal Farm?


    Looking ahead to the January assignment for submission, you will be using the character chart (once it is fully completed) to write a two paragraph reading response to one of the three questions below. We will review the marking criteria this week in class.

    1. Think about the names the author chooses to give the animals. How are their names symbols of their personalities and actions? Consider either Squealer, Mollie, Moses, Snowball or Napoleon. Choose one character to write about and give evidence from the text to support the connection between his/her name and his/her personality.

    2. Compare and contrast Snowball and Napoleon and the way they rule. Write about how they are the same and how they are different. Give evidence from the text using a plot event and/or a specific quote.

    3. Discuss the ways in which Jones and Napoleon are similar. Give evidence from the text to support your answer.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, heather@atrbenefits.com

    Gordon Hawkes

    Class Name: Logic 2
    Tutor: Gordon Hawkes

    To be covered in class this week:
    Lesson 21
    Lesson 22
    Lesson 23
    Exercise 20
    Exercise 21

    Monday class: online (Zoom), 2:00-2:50

    Gordon Hawkes

    Class Name: Logic 1
    Tutor: Gordon Hawkes

    To be covered in class this week:
    Loaded Question (Lesson 17)
    Slippery Slope (Lesson 18)

    Monday class: online (Zoom), 1:00-1:50

    Sarah Hill

    Subject – Grade 7-9 Latin 1

    Latin Alive Ch 2

    ESSENTIALS – Please complete for next Schole:
    1 Read the first Latin short story at least 3 times. If you have practically memorized it, try copying it out from memory!
    2 Read Ch. 3 of the textbook (just read), and start memorizing Ch. 3 vocabulary
    3 Review our conversational Latin if you have time (Salve! Nomen mihi…)

    A pen
    Latin Alive

    Sarah Hill

    Subject – Grade 7-9 Latin 2

    Latin Alive Ch 6 (Review)

    ESSENTIALS – Please complete for next Schole:
    1 Read the Latin short story #2 on the google doc below at least 3 times. If you have practically memorized it, try drawing a little cartoon
    strip of your own using only the words you know. You can send a photo to me.
    2 Say Latin chants pg 1 3X and write out the nouns if you have time.
    3 Read this myth! You can skip down to the part where the story starts. https://www.storynory.com/helen-of-troy/

    If you have time… Review our conversational Latin in the middle of the week!

    A pen
    Latin Alive

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