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    Monica Hielema

    Class Name: History for Grammar Students
    This week’s focus: William Wilberforce
    In preparation for Schole support class:
    • Begin reading MOH text ~ Lesson 15 (from week 5) AND Lessons 16 (from week 6)
    • Optional: Bring coloring page (see enrichment option) and/or timeline page to class (work on while listening).
    To be completed this week:
    • Complete Reading/Listening to Lessons 15 and 16
    • History read aloud (A list can be found in Appendix A of the Curriculum Guide.)
    ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more
    • Review Timeline Cards
    • Companion Guide
    • Coloring sheets for William Wilberforce (Resource Library)
    • Listen to: Amazing Grace https://www.hymnal.net/en/hymn/h/313
    • Wondermaps Atlantic Slave Trade interactive map
    • William Wilberforce Take Up the Fight by Janet and Geoff Benge (Heroes of History series)
    • DVD/movie: Amazing Grace (based on parental discretion and age appropriateness)

    Please contact mhielema@redeemer.ab.ca with any questions and submissions

    Annemarie Barwich

    Writing & Rhetoric Book 5 and 6
    This week’s focus: Lesson 4: The Making of a Legend

    In preparation for Wednesday Schole Support class:
    *Bring Writing & Rhetoric Book 5, pencil, and eraser to Zoom Class
    *Read Chapter 4 pgs. 67- 75
    *Complete Tell It Back and Talk About It – retelling to a parent
    *Complete #2 (page 75) Written Narration before class.
    *Bring your narration to class – ready to share.

    Wednesday class W&R 5/6: online Zoom 2:30 to 3:20pm
    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 830 5288 7417
    Passcode: 660940

    To be completed this week:
    Complete lessons 4

    Based on story about Mary Read from Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts, #A on Page 82
    Include details and description
    Use a thesaurus and add phrases to sentences

    Following questions should guide writing the Amplification.
    Does the amplification have a title?
    Does the amplification have a beginning?
    Does the amplification have a middle?
    Does the amplification have an end?
    Does the amplification contain added description and details?
    Does the amplification contain added dialogue?

    DUE: Before November 9th class – email abarwich@redeemer.ab.ca

    Annemarie Barwich

    Literature Grade 5

    Read Straw into Gold (literature from Curriculum Guide)
    Read 20 minutes / day (minimum) or schedule 10 chapters over the month of October – the book should be finished by October 31st, in time for our next class.

    When finished, continue reading books of choice – 20 minutes / day.
    See recommended lists such Curriculum Guide or Classical Reader
    Classical Reader

    In preparation for next Schole Literature class:
    Literature Assignment for this month:
    Please complete Literature Contemplation Straw into Gold Pages for Chpts. 1-5
    Please complete Literature Contemplation Straw into Gold Pages for Chpts. 6-10
    *pages available in Parent Resource / Reading
    Please include your name on your writing.
    Submit by email once complete, before our November Literature Discussion Class

    * Contemplations are coming in – thank you for emailing them. Although not due until November 2nd, once completed please email and I will post them for our class to read next week. Students can read them before we enjoy a class discussion on Straw into Gold on November 2nd.

    The google document in link has the Contemplations submitted to date and will be updated:

    Contemplation Literature Straw into Gold Pages for Chpts. 1-5 and for Chpts. 6-10
    DUE: By November 2nd – email abarwich@redeemer.ab.ca

    Ballad of the Tempest Poem – memorize the first three stanzas this month – our goal is to memorize the poem before Christmas
    *poem available in Parent Resource / Reading

    Anita Perlau

    music grade five

    Print the brass instrument worksheet. Match up the picture with the correct name.
    What qualities do brass instruments have in common?
    You do not need to submit this page

    Watch the video of Papageno Papagena from the Magic Flute.

    What do you think this song is about?

    If you have questions, please email me at aperlau@mtroyal.ca

    Karyn Booth

    Writing and Rhetoric 3

    This week’s focus: Lesson 4 OUTLINING A NARRATIVE

    In preparation for Schole support class:

    This lesson brings the teacher in me MUCH JOY. The idea of understanding the main ideas is a life skill, so focus on skill building and practise and mastery will come. This lesson is another reason I appreciate this curriculum, this skill will be so useful for writing, reading, and public speaking.

    FOR THIS WEEK please read page 41-45
    Review the idea of Roman numerals. IF your student has not mastered these, make a cue card Roman and “regular” numbers on them.

    To emphasize the ideas in the outline on page 43, consider using TWO COLOURS OF HIGHLIGHTER.
    Looking at the outline, for the

    COLOUR ONE-Roman numberals

    Looking at the outline, go back through the story and find FIRST the main ideas.
    For example I. Mother (sow) pig can’t keep her piggy children

    And then highlight JUST that idea in the story—which is found on the first line of the story.

    The goal of this is for the students to see that highlighting the main ideas ISN”T highlighting everything
    AND to connect the outline through the story.

    IN CLASS we will work on Androclus and the Lion.

    Make an outline of a few paragraphs from either science or history.—Look for the topic sentence and then put the main ideas beneath it in point form.


    Submit an outline for Cornelias’s Jewels. Please submit by Oct 31

    Please contact karynbooth.tutor@gmail.com with any questions and submissions.

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