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Karyn Booth

WOL 2B Chapter 7 Compound Sentences

Class Name Well Ordered Language 2B

This week’s focus: Chapter 7 Compound Sentences

In preparation for Schole support class:

Look at what a SIMPLE SENTENCE and COMPOUND SENTENCE means on page 127
On page 128—learn about FANBOYS…really!

Have a look at the chart on page 129…check out how the conjunctions work best

INTERJECTIONS!! Page 130! These will be labelled from now on!

Oooh, and the semi colon on page 131

AND…A reminder of the order of analysis: Phrases, CLAUSES (that’s this chapter), PRINCIPLE ELEMENTS, MODIFIERS

It’ d be good to read through the analysis that starts on page 131

To be completed this week:

P136-145 Try to have at least to 149 completed for class.

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Participate in the Spring Showcase! I will cheer you on from my home.

P 146 Romulus and Remus—have a read…it’s great history review and always a good story

THIS MONTH’S ASSIGNMENT FOR SUBMISSION: Complete the quiz for this chapter and put it on the monthly submission guide

Please contact with any questions and submissions.