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Jasmine Chivers

Class Name Writing & Rhetoric 7/8
This week’s focus: NEW BOOK!!! Writing & Rhetoric 8 lesson 2: identifying Similarities and Differences?
We get to have some fun identifying similarities and differences. This chapter shows us again that instead of judging something, we are comparing, and ultimately identifying.
Last week we discussed comparison. We are trying to set something greater or equal side by side with the subject – that is comparison. Now instead of focusing on a single subject, students would compare two subjects with one another and write either a double encomium (praising the two subjects equally) or an encomium paired with a vituperation (praising one subject as better than the other).
Instead of just comparing people, we will compare all sorts of things: objects, events, ideas, people, time periods, etc.
To be completed during the week: Page 15 to 28.
This will help you compare more broadly as we start to identify the differences. We can work on the above pages in class together and whatever we don’t go through you can do for the week.
MARCH: You will write about Land Mines and you get to decide whether you agree with land mines (Encomium) or disagree (Vituperation). Looking forward to seeing you in class Wednesday!
April/May: You will write your own research paper!
Please hand in an outline for your April assignment. Outline details are found on pages 277 283 –we can discuss this further in class.
May assignment is your first biography research paper.
Zoom Info:
Wednesday class W&R 7/8: online Zoom 10 to 10:50 am.
Link: Ms. Jasmine is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting for W&R 7/8.

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