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Stephanie Ward

Class Name: Well Ordered Language Level 4A/B
Tutor: Stephanie Ward

This week’s focus:
Well Ordered Language 4A
Chapter 1: Principal Elements & Modifiers
– Reviewed predicate verbs, predicate adjectives, and predicate nominatives
– discussed the different forms of a verb
o Base Form: The form of the verb that you would find in the dictionary; used as the present tense with a plural subject. Note, the singular subject pronouns I or you also take this form of the verb. Ex. The boys yawn. I yawn. You yawn.
o – s form: the present-tense form of the verb used with singular subjects. Ex. The boys yawns.
o Past-Tense form: The form of a verb used for expressing actions that happened in the past. Ex. The boy yawned.
o Present-participle form: The form of a verb that ends in –ing and expresses continuing action in the present. It always has a “Be Verb” (am, is, are, was, were, be, been) – as a helping verb. Ex. He is/was yawning.
– Regular verbs and irregular verbs (verbs that have very unusual spellings for their past tense and past participle forms. Ex. began, knew, swam, begun, chosen, swum)
– PAUSE FOR PUNCTUATION: Leaning not to use a comma between two subjects in a compound subject.
o Incorrect: The weary boy, and his Patriot friend yawned.
o Correct: The weary boy and his Patriot friend yawned.

For Parent:
Please mark your child’s work as they complete each lesson.

What to prepare & bring to Schole Monday Class:
WOL 4A Student Workbook
For every class, please bring a pencil, eraser and small ruler (for diagramming and analyzing).

ESSENTIALS – To be completed this week:
The pacing is suggested, but the work should be all be completed.
Tuesday – Lesson A (pg. 12-13)
Wednesday – Lesson B (pg. 14-15)
Thursday – Lesson C (Pg. 16-17)
Friday – Sentences to Practice (Pg. 18-19)

Review the verb charts which were also emailed out. Here is the answer key.

Grade 6 Students – Modified and cumulative made quizzes will be administered on the same day as Math Quiz days. In WOL class, students will only write Math Quizzes. Then during the first official WOL block, rather than having a “spare”, grade 6 students will sit with the WOL 3 students and write their WOL 4 quizzes.
Grade 7 Students – Quizzes do not need to be submitted for marks. On quiz days, I’m happy to email out to parents with an answer key for enrichment, if families so choose to do them.
Due Date: September 27, 2021

Please contact with any questions and submissions.