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Shelly Prins

CLASS: Dialectic 9 Biology: The Riot and the Dance

TUTOR: Shelly Prins


Chapter 3 – Introduction Microscopy (referenced in class Sep. 13)

Chapter 1 – A Smidge of Chemistry

Lab 1: The Microscope – practice calculations with magnifications (completed in class Sep. 13)


Bring text and lab manual and binder to each class.
Bring your “What did you notice?” for chapter 1.



Read chapter 3 pp. 47-51 We will have discussed this briefly in class.

Read chapter 1 pp. 15-29 Pre-read this chapter and come to class with observations and questions. Come prepared to discuss the review questions. This is a very fast overview of some chemistry concepts as a prerequisite for understanding the next chapter. We will have time in class (Sep. 20) to discuss.

As you read, ask yourself, “What do you notice?” and make notes either in your textbook using annotation marks or in your biology binder. Be prepared to bring these to class and share them.


Notes: Consider making notes as a way to interact with the material, letting it sink deeper into your thoughts. Consider sketching diagrams to include in your notes. For example, you may want to sketch and label one or both of the microscopes in Chapter 1 and a current microscope (that we will be using frequently in this class). I will make some sample notes accessible online with some practical ideas of how to organize information. (Margins, red for significant contributors, yellow for dates, green for geographical places, text boxes for theories…) Feel free to use these sample notes as a starting point, there is no right or wrong way to take notes. You may print them and put them in your binder as examples if you wish.

Riot and the Dance Chapter 1 Sample Notes

Quiz: If you’re up to quizzing yourself on how much you retained, go ahead and take the short quiz. Check your answers and learn from your responses both correct and incorrect. These are all just tools available – there is no pressure to complete or perform!

These are available in the Parent Resource section under the Science tab.
Or use this link:
Riot and the Dance Quiz and Exams

Please contact with questions and submissions.

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