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Class Name: Writing & Rhetoric 5

Ms. Annemarie’s W&R Book 5 Zoom Class Wednesday’s @ 10am

This week’s focus:
Lesson 1

For Parent:
Please read & review Introduction to Students: On the Road to Rhetoric with your child. (pg. vii)
If new to Writing & Rhetoric, I encourage reading all the introduction and especially Objectives for Refutation & Confirmation on pg. xv

A note on whether students should use handwriting or typing for lessons. Since students in grades 5 and 6 are still developing skill in penmanship, I strongly encourage students to complete assignments using handwriting. For the first few assignments in Book 5, I prefer students use their best penmanship rather than typing.

What to prepare & bring to Schole Monday Class:
Pencil & eraser
Writing & Rhetoric Book 5

ESSENTIALS – To be completed this week:
Complete the pages from your student book
Go Deeper
Writing Time

Amplification (to be assigned next week)

Due Date:
September 27th

Please contact Ms. Annemarie at with questions and submissions.