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Rachel Weisbrot

Class Name: Writing & Rhetoric Book 6: Commonplace

Class Time: Zoom class, Wednesdays @ 10:00 a.m.
Meeting ID: 880 736 1527

Tutor: Rachel Weisbrot

This week’s focus:
Begin Lesson 1: Attacking Wrongdoers and Defending the Virtuous
Lesson Reading (please complete at home prior to class)
Tell It Back (please complete at home prior to class)
Talk About It
Go Deeper

For Parent:
Please feel free to review the Introduction to Students with your child.
Don’t worry about super deep comprehension of the lesson readings! We will go over and discuss the key ideas during class. 🙂
Tell It Back can either be done in oral form (student narrates back to you what they’ve learned) or written form (student writes their answers to the Tell It Back questions without referring back to the text as much as possible).

What to bring to class:
Current Writing & Rhetoric book
Pen or pencil
Notebook of some type to use as a Commonplace Book

ESSENTIALS – to be completed this week:
Do the Lesson Reading and Tell It Back sections before class
Complete the Go Deeper section of Lesson 1 (we’ll do the first few together in class)

From Lesson 2 – Short Argument on the Gadsden flag (to be assigned Sept. 29)
Due Date: Oct. 6

Please contact with any questions and submissions.