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Leslie Ready

Class Name: Well-Ordered Language 1A

Tutor: Leslie Ready

This week’s focus:
Chapter 1 Four Kinds of Sentences and Analyzing these sentences
During Monday’s class we will work through Ideas to Understand, Terms to Remember, Sentences to Analyze, Introductory Lesson & Introductory Practice

For Parent:
Encourage your child to memorize songs 1-1 & 1-2 from WOL 1A Songs and Chants CD

What to prepare & bring to Schole Monday Class:
Well-Ordered Student Book 1A

ESSENTIALS – To be completed this week:
Complete the following:

**Please make sure to play the Chants from Chapter 1(Songs 1-1 and 1-2) on a daily basis for ease of memorization
Tuesday- Chapter 1 Lesson A Lessons to Learn Page 12
Wednesday- Chapter 1 Lesson B Lessons to Learn Pages 14-15
Thursday- Chapter 1 Lesson C Pages 17-18
(Optional) Poem to Memorize:
Lessons to Enjoy Poem: Robin Redbreast by William Allingham found on pages 23-24 in the WOL 1A Student book

THIS MONTH’S Well-Ordered Language Assignment:
Chapter 1&2 In-class Quiz will take place on October 4
Please contact with any questions