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Stephanie Ward

Class Name: Upper Grammar Science Grades 5 & 6
Tutor: Stephanie Ward

This week’s focus: Introduction to the Weather

For Parent:
Today in class, we introduced what weather is. We discussed how weather is observed, learned about the Earth’s water cycle, how scientists observe it, and created our own water cycle in a bag!
What to prepare & bring to Schole Monday Class: Please send your child’s Nature Journal along every week, along with scissors, glue, and pencil crayons.

ESSENTIALSTo be completed this week:
We sent the kids home with a Water Cycle bag that needs to be taped to a window that is exposed to the sun for one of the days and then for the second observation to tape it inside of the fridge. The children are to observe the bag and note their observations in their nature journals. I have sent the children with a template that they glued into their nature journals to complete. Please see this PDF Link for a sample on how to secure your water cycle bag on the window (we recommend using packing tape, as scotch tape may not hold it for long).
– 2-3 nature journal observations of their water cycle bags
– Read Chapter 1: Clouds Tell a Story in Rain, Hail, Sleet & Snow by Nancy Larrick with your student(s)

Optional to watch this enrichment reading of Gail Gibbon’s “Weather Forecasting”
You can check this book out of the library and read it to your child.

Please contact with questions and submissions.