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Catherine Hardy


Tutor: Ms. Catherine

I’m looking forward to teaching Art again this year, and trust that students are also excited to begin! The emphasis this year will be on developing art skills and techniques that will support students in their nature journalling adventures.

Students should bring their nature journals, a graphite pencil, and an eraser.

Parents: Please read “September Note to Parents: 2021/21 Art Program” , as it contains important information about the year ahead.

Students should prepare a nature journalling ‘kit’ or bag so that they are ready to journal anytime. The kit can be brought to class on Scholé days and should contain an art journal, pencils (e.g., 2B, 4B, 6B), sharpener, eraser, ruler, and fine-line (non-bleeding) black felt pen(s). Students may also wish to include pencil crayons and/or a simple watercolour set. If your family happens to have an inexpensive camera kicking around that otherwise does not get used, this might be useful for taking reference photos (but certainly not necessary!)

In Monday’s class, we will be discussing why nature journaling is valuable, and how to begin. If weather permits, we will be going outside to a nearby natural space where we will spend some time observing and sketching. Special attention will be given to the lines that we see in nature.

The assignment this week is for students to simply complete a cover page (i.e., first page) in their nature journal. The page should contain one or more simple illustrations relating to the natural world (in any media), along with some words that state the purpose of the journal; for example, “My Nature Explorations”, or “A compilation of observations, reflections, and wanderings through a year of seasons”. Some students may prefer to use an inspiring quote or a favourite verse. The cover page should also note the student’s name and the date the journal was begun.

Please contact me at with any questions or concerns.