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Monica Hielema

Class Name: Writing & Rhetoric 1
Zoom Class: Wednesday 10 – 10:45am
Tutor: Monica Hielema
This week’s focus: Lesson 1 Fabulous Fables
For Parent: This is a bi-weekly class. Pace the assigned lesson over two weeks. I am available for an optional meeting over Zoom, same time and Zoom room, on the week we don’t have our Zoom class for any questions or help needed from parent or student. Please email in advance.
Objectives for Fable exercises found in book:
1. Expose students to the form of fables as well as culturally important examples.
2. Model fluent reading for students and give them practice reading short texts.
3. Give students practice copying texts accurately.
4. Strengthen working memory through dictation, thus improving storage and manipulation of information.
5. Increase understanding of the flexibility and copiousness of language through sentence manipulation.
6. Facilitate student interaction with well-written texts through question and answer and through exercises in summary and amplification.
7. Give students opportunity to creatively imitate sentences and whole fables.
8. Introduce concepts of main idea and character traits.
In preparation for Schole Zoom class:
Begin LESSON 1:
• Have student listen to the reading of The Lion and the Mouse (read once asking student to listen carefully before narrating).
• Tell it Back – narration (remember to give student the first sentence to help him/her get started)
• Finish Sentence Play on page 8.

During Wednesday’s Zoom class: fables, narration, TALK ABOUT IT and brainstorming for REWRITE ideas.
• Small whiteboard and marker OR a clipboard with paper and marker.
• Completed “sentence play” from page 8 – I will ask student volunteers to share their sentence.
• Writing and Rhetoric book
To be completed before September 27th:
• Lesson 1 – GO DEEPER (page 5 and 6), WRITING TIME (page 7 and 8)
• REWRITE – The Lion and the Mouse

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more
September Family Poem to Memorize
REWRITE of The Lion and the Mouse – submit to
Due Date: September 24th
Please contact with any questions and submissions.