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Monica Hielema

Class Name: History for Middle Grammar Students
This week’s focus: Week 1: Lesson 1, 2, 3
For Parent:
• Parent and student together read or listen to weekly lessons in Mystery of History text. It is rewarding to read lessons together with siblings and mom, or as an entire family. (This approach leads to great family discussions!)
• Establish a daily family history read aloud time using the living book suggestions in Appendix B and/or C of Curriculum Guide. (This brings history to life!)
• Optional hands on activities for younger (grades 1 to 4) and middle age (grades 5 to 8) can be found in the Companion Guide.
• Mapping exercises and answer keys for various ages are available in Companion Guide for printing.
• Our Schole class will focus on a portion of the weekly lesson.
• Students, especially younger students, may want to color weekly sheet while listening to history readings. (Link to coloring page will be provided each week.)
• Building a timeline is strongly recommended using the week’s focus to narrow down which figures to feature.–Creation-to-Christ-Timeline-Figures
In preparation for Schole Monday: bring sketchbook
To be completed this week:
• Read MOH text – Lessons 1, 2, 3
• History read aloud (Appendix B of Curriculum Guide.) Suggestion: Adam and His Kin by Ruth Beechick
• Complete sketch book page as needed
ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more
• Coloring Sheet
• Create Timeline (Suggestions given in Companion Guide starting on page 38.)
Please contact with any questions and submissions.