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Science 7-8
Teacher: Marta Komlodi

What to prepare & bring to Scholé Monday Class:
Novare Earth Science Text, Science Binder w/looseleaf and Nature/Art Journal

This Week’s Focus: Introduction to Earth Science

ESSENTIALS – To be completed this week
Read Chapter 1 – Earth in Space
Complete Learning Checks 1.1-1.6 (include notes and illustrations in science binder)
In your nature/art journal, sketch or paint something you observed in your text along with a written narration, notes or labels, for example:
draw/paint the phases of the moon (pg. 19-20) and enter the corresponding dates for each phase in the month of September
sketch the path the sun takes across the sky during summer and winter solstice (pg. 16)
Draw sketches of the sun, Earth, and moon during solar and lunar eclipses. (pg. 22)

ENRICHMENT – (Optional/Extra resources for children and families who desire more)
You are encouraged to choose one ​​of the enrichment options to work through at your own pace over the course of the first 18 weeks, taking time to share what you are learning with your family, illustrate constellations or planets of interest and record interesting findings and observations in your nature notebook, science binder or book of centuries.
Read “The Planets” by Dava Sobel – suggested parent/student read-aloud and discussion – Free audiobook with 30 day trial
Read “The Stars: A New Way to See Them” – take some time to identify one of the constellations you learned about – The free app Sky Guide is helpful. In your nature journal, draw one of the constellations you observed (eg. Great Bear/Ursa Major), along with date, time, direction in the sky (N-E-S-W) You may want to draw the old way and the new way of connecting the stars (as seen on pg. 14)
Begin your year-long observation of the night sky with the book Signs & Seasons by Jay Ryan.

Please contact with questions and submissions.