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Karyn Booth

Well Ordered Language 2A

Hello Parents and students!
Welcome to a new schole year and the Well Ordered Language 2 class. I am thrilled to come along on this journey with you and learn more about grammar!
I am a schole parent of Sophie, who is in this class, Madelyn in LG2, Joshua 5 years, and Ethan 2.5 years. My life is full of blessings!
My husband is a Kiwi, from New Zealand, so we often love learning about the amazing world of the “land of the long white cloud”.
I am a teacher by trade, mostly in grades 6-9, Language Arts and Social Studies. I love reading and writing and learning.
THis is my first time tutoring this class, so I am learning ahead of you (I hope!) Please feel free to email me and share any particulars that will make this class really awesome for us all. I am thankful for this model of education, it feels like such a good groove of challenge and rest!
Thanks for reading my longest weekly update of the year!
Ms Karyn

To be completed this week:

Parents! Guess what? You have homework this week too!
Take a deep breath and early in the week, please read through p. vi-xv in the Well Ordered Language 2A teacher guide. You are embarking on a journey of learning grammar WITH your student…this will make your child so much more successful. Do not fear! You can do this!

Look at p viii The Lesson planning chart is key. This year the zoom class is on Wednesdays, every second week.
Your job is to complete Day one and day two with your student. That will make the zoom class much more useful for you and your student.

The zoom class is a chance to REINFORCE the chapter concept, and if needed teach it if the concept was not clear the first go round (with you)
Please do your best to complete this work with your student. Read the chapter 1 Introductions, before introducing to your student.

MOST HELPFUL HINT I CAN GIVE YOU: Aside from working alongside your student this year, please speak kindly about grammar. Whatever your background or impression of grammar, you can do this! If you have strong negative feelings, think about them when you are doing something else that needs some strength, like scrubbing or running. I will do my best to elicit joy in this class, too.


WOL2A (WEll Ordered Language 2A)
P3-5 read through and REVIEW kinds of sentences
LISTEN to WOLD 2A audio for the songs Eight Parts of Speech and Sentence.
Read through p 6-7
Complete Page 8-9

Part 2 Principal ELements p 10-11, PUT A STICKY NOTE ON P 12-13. Use this SCRIPT when looking at a sentence! It sounds funny at first but it will be so helpful!
Review P 14-15
Work on P 16-17

See you Wednesday, September 16!
** Please bring a small white board and marker OR A clipboard with receycled (one side used is fine) and a marker!

Complete to P 24 by our next WOL class Wednesday, September 30–We will have a quiz! I will provide more details next week on how we will do that

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Learn the poem The Lobster Quadrille by Lewis Carroll on p 26-27

*If you have a commonplace book, you could copy this poem into it.
*You may recite it for your family, or make a video and send it to me if you wish!
*You may identify all four kinds of sentences in the poem


Please contact Ms Karyn with any questions and submissions.

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