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Heather McCollister

Class Name: Literature 2

This week’s focus: Getting to you know you!

Welcome to an exciting year of reading great classics ahead. I am a learner just like you, having never read many of these books before. We will begin with a few short stories to get us started to review the story chart. Rest easy until Monday where I hope to meet many of you face to face, where I will have a small package for you.

In preparation for Schole support class:

Read the year plans posted and locate the book, 100 Great Short Stories, where we will dive into our first short story. The book looks overwhelming, but I picked a short enjoyable fairytale to get us started. That’s it!

To be completed this week:

A biographical poem so that I can get to know you a bit better! Zoom will be challenging to get to know you so this will give me a few ideas of your hobbies and interests. A sample will be provided at the picnic or you can reference the format ahead of time in the RESOURCES section.

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more
If you are eager to get reading, begin with the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as some nighttime reading.

Biographical poem
A short story, story chart. More details to come

Please contact with any questions and submissions.