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Catherine Hardy

Class Name: Classical Drawing (Art)

This week’s focus: Introduction to Line

Tutor: Ms. Catherine (pre-recorded videos)

For Parent:

– Please see this letter to parents, as it contains important information relating to this class:

– Link for Lesson 1 Video: This week, the same video will be used for all ages (in the event that you have students in different classes)

– Link to the Lesson 1 drawing warm-up exercises: These warm-ups can be printed off at home, and completed by the student after they have viewed the video (warm-up exercises are not submitted)

– Link to the Lesson 1 Student Project: I have intentionally avoided giving students too much direction on this project, as it is primarily intended to (1) give students an opportunity to become familiar with their pencils; (2) get students to experiment with various types of lines; and (3) provide me with a bit of a baseline for each student.

– Our first online support session (via Zoom) is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22. Students are encouraged to join if possible. A link to the recurring Zoom session will be emailed to parents prior to the 22nd.

Please contact Ms. Catherine at with any questions.