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Jasmine Chivers

Class Name: Well Ordered Language 3 A/B
This week’s focus: I look forward to meeting you all this week and getting to know you. We will work on Chapter 1 this week. I’m looking forward to our first class together.
In preparation for Schole support class: This lesson has three parts and is a refresher from last year. Please take a moment and read all 3 parts:
Part 1: Four kinds of Sentences on pages 4-6.
Part 2: Principal Elements on pages 10-12.
Part 3: Adjectives & Adverbs on pages 18-19.

To be completed this week: Complete the above reading and Lesson to Learn A on pages 8-9, B 16-17, C 24-25.
ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more:
Sentences to practice found on pages 26-28.
Chapter 1 quiz is due at the end of the month.
Please contact with any questions and submissions.