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Heather McCollister

Class Name: Around the World with Pictures Books: Grade 1 and 2
This week’s focus: China

Today we looked at where we live and where China is.

To be completed this week:
In your Composition and Sketch book on the first clean BLANK page, print the title CHINA at the top.
Print the China pages from the resource section ( you may want to reduce the size) and colour the flag of China as we discussed it today. Glue or paper clip it into your book but save some room to add more pictures to this page.
On the next interlined page, print the date on the first line.
Then together with your mom, create a sentence about The Empty Pot that you would like to print carefully into your book or your mom can print it and you trace over it. Depending on which type of notebook you have you can create a drawing about the book. (will you draw Ping and an empty pot, and some flowers everywhere else)
Look at the page 48-49 in the Map book, what is one thing about China that you wonder about? Is there an icon, you want to look up more information about. Have your mom and dad help you.

Writing with Ease – Week 2

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more
Explore the geography of China. (Mount Everest, the Gobi Desert, the Yellow River, the Yangtze, the Himalayas)
Discuss the virtue of courage and honesty this week, how did Ping demonstrate it?

A photocopy of an adventure journal entry by Sept. 28, 2020.
Please contact with any questions and submissions.