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Karyn Booth

Writing & Rhetoric 3 and 4

This week’s focus: Lesson 1 What Makes and Story a Story? AND Lesson 2 Review of Narrative Types

In preparation for Schole support class:

PARENTS—please read the introduction, pages ix-xiv

I used to teach writing in junior high classroom, then tutored students who were working really hard to do well on their grade 12 English exams. I came a way a bit frustrated for the students, all of whom I felt were putting in solid efforts but not reaping consistent rewards. I was collecting a long list of frustrations, and soon was so disappointed with the teaching of writing. And then-I read the introduction to this book and felt like it addressed so many of the hurdles I saw with the mainstream writing approach. I am involved with this book and curriculum, not because it is perfect, but because it is a beacon of hope for ALL students to gain a solid level of proficiency. So, if you haven’t read the introduction, that’s ok, but do know that the creator of this curriculum shares his “why” and I found it so inspiring.

To be completed this week: (I know this list looks long, it’s small pieces and review…email me if it feels too much)

Lesson 1—read pg 1-3 be able to explain and give an example for rhetoric, plot, and characters

P 5/6 complete Go Deeper, at least two of A,B,C,D
P 7-11 complete at least half of each section.
P 11-12 Writing time and Dictation

Optional—Writing Time and Speak It

DO READ p 13-14 on proper elocution

Lesson 2 Review of Narrative Types
P15 review the narrative types and complete p 18-21

Complete p 22 copywork and Dictation

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Page 24 Speak It–Choose one of the fragments from the “Go Deeper” section, memorize it and refer to the elocution instructions.


Complete your amplification on page 23 –Jack and the Giant Killer. Please also include your brainstorming page we created in the zoom class.

Please contact with any questions and submissions.