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Karyn Booth

Class Name: Dialectics Literature 1

This week’s focus: The Story Chart and Commonplace book

In preparation for Schole support class:

In the Resource Library, under READING, you will find a Story Chart, please print page 1 TWO times and page 2 ONE TIME.
Keep these in a binder for this class.

We will be learning the poem A Psalm of life, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

FIND your commonplace book
Leave two pages at the beginning for a table of contents

Leave a blank page at the back.

Number the pages starting after the table of contents

Please write the poem, A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
I will do my best to put it in RESOURCES section.

**optional**Who is Henry Wadsworth Longfellow? When did he live? Why did he write the poem?

To be completed this week:

Please send me your autobiographical poem before our first class on Sept. 24, just so I have a chance to get to know you!

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more
Begin to memorize the poem, A PSALM OF LIFE—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Grammar of Poetry –work on Module 1, do at least one lesson a week.

A Story Chart assignment, see Schole @ home after this class.

Please contact with any questions and submissions.