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Monica Hielema

Class Name: History for Lower Grammar Students (optional)
This week’s focus: Seven Year’s War
For Parent:
• As desired, parent and student together read or listen to weekly lessons in Mystery of History text. It is rewarding to read lessons together with siblings and mom, or as an entire family. (The text is not written for Lower Grammar students but they can follow along gleaning understanding as they are able. The read aloud will bring the “living” context.)
• Optional hands on activities for younger age (grades 1 to 4) can be found in the Companion Guide.
• A class on Thursday over Zoom will focus on a portion of the weekly lesson.
• Lower Grammar are encouraged to bring weekly coloring sheet posted in the History section of the Resource Library to Zoom class to neatly and carefully color while listening to the weekly history lesson.
• A change: We will memorize the time line cards. Each week I will add another card to learn while always reviewing each card learnt. KEEP these cards in a place where you can review them regularly. Weekly actions will be added during the Zoom class. (Time Line cards can be found in Resource Libray.)
In preparation for Schole support class:
• (Optional) Begin reading MOH text ~ Lessons 1, 2, 3
• Optional: bring coloring page to class (work on while listening)
To be completed this week:
• (Optional) Complete Reading/Listening to Lessons 1 to 3
• History read aloud (A list can be found in Appendix A of the Curriculum Guide.)
ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more
• Review last weeks Timeline Cards – 13 Colonies, The Great Awakening
• Companion Guide
• Life as a Child in the 18th Century:

Please contact with any questions.