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Monica Hielema

Class Name: Middle Grammar Literature Grades 3 / 4
Tutor: Monica Hielema
This week’s focus: Enjoy Reading!

For Parent:
The purpose of Literature at CCSchole is to introduce students to reading good books by providing a list of books, arranging accountability, and fostering conversation around the elements of story. The story elements include setting, characters, plot, conflict, and theme. In most months a book will be assigned for reading in preparation for a monthly Literature Discussion Class. Class will be scheduled as Zoom or as hosted by families. Meeting details will be emailed.
As necessary, a student can listen to assigned novel read aloud OR on audio while following along in book. Contact me at any time if you need ideas. Your child should be enjoying reading!

To be completed this week:
• Read 20 minutes / day (minimum) from book of choice. See recommended lists such Curriculum Guide or Classical Reader.
• Check off daily reading on September Submission Guide (Find in parent resource tab of Resource Library.)
In preparation for Literature Discussion Class on Friday, October 2nd:
Read The Velveteen Rabbit

Please contact with any questions and submissions.