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Annemarie Barwich

Writing & Rhetoric Book 5 and 6
This week’s focus: Lesson 1: Attacking Wrongdoers and defending the Virtues

PARENTS – please read & review Introduction to Students: On the Road to Rhetoric with your child
If new to Writing & Rhetoric, I encourage reading all the introduction and especially Objectives for Refutation & Confirmation on pg. xv

Look through the Table of Contents with your child, ask your student to read titles. Do they notice patterns or repeated words? Does this give any clues to the purpose of what they will write in this book?
Looking at title of lessons 1-6 – what words can you find that make you think of persuasion?
What word do lessons 7, 9, and 11 have in common? Look up the word refute / refutation in a dictionary.
What word do lessons 8, 10, and 12 have in common? Look up the word confirm / confirmation in a dictionary.

A note on whether students should use handwriting or typing for lessons. Since students in grade 5 and 6 are still developing skill in penmanship, I strongly encourage students to complete assignments using handwriting. When submitting written assignments from Book 6, which are 6-parapgraph essays, typing will be optional. For assignments in Book 5, I prefer students use their best penmanship.

In preparation for Schole support class:
Wednesday class W&R 5/6: online Zoom 2:30 to 3:20pm
Bring Writing & Rhetoric Book 5, pencil, and eraser to Zoom Class

Read Believe It or Not and The Legend of John Henry pgs. 1- 7
Complete Tell It Back – retelling to a parent

To be completed this week:
Go Deeper
Writing Time
Speak It
Revise It

From Writing Time, choose either
B – Description of a Person
C – Detailed Action
Write in a paragraph of 4-6 sentences. Revise it! Practice using proofreading marks.

Suggestion: use a thesaurus when looking for descriptive words to include in your amplification.
Please include your name on your writing.
DUE: Oct 5 week – email

Listen and sing Ballad of John Henry

Speak It – practice reading the The Ballad of John Henry with dramatic emphasis
Ms. Annemarie is looking for a volunteer to read or recite at start of next class

Please contact with any questions and submissions.