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Catherine Hardy

Class Name: Art

This week’s focus: Shape

In preparation for next Art Support Session (Oct. 6):

– Watch the Lesson 2 Video, which can be found at: (all grades watch the same video this week)

– Do the Lesson 2 Warm-Ups:

– Begin Drawing Project #2 This drawing project was taken from the “Draw Write Now” series, and it guides students through the step-by-step process of breaking down subject matter into shapes and lines. Due to the wide range of ages and skill levels at Schole, some Grade 6 students may find this assignment a little too easy. Students wanting more of a challenge are invited to do art project for Grades 7-9 if that is preferable (found in the Resource Library).

Notes: Thank you for submitting Art Project #1 to Ms. Catherine. Kindly submit Art Project #2 by Friday, October 9.

Please contact Ms. Catherine with any questions, concerns, and student submissions at