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Anita Perlau

Music Grade Six

Amazing Grace – What is the meaning of “wretch”? What does it mean “ Was blind but now I see”?
As you sing Amazing Grace keep a three beat pattern – pat clap clap to represent the
TIME SIGNATURE. We will be discussing that this week

Rocky Mountain High – Sing with the rhythm syllables.
Together we will review the notes of the melody – do, re, mi so and la

Let’s use your non-pitched percussion instruments to play along. This week we will learn the different families of non pitched percussion instruments.

Ah vous dirai je Maman- Together we will sing with the rhythm syllables and solfa
( do, re,mi, fa, so and la)

This week, we will learn another one of Mozart’s compositions called
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

More details will be added during Tuesday’s Zoom class

If you have questions, please contact me at