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Anita Perlau

Music Grade Eight
Amazing Grace- Let’s review the notes of a PENTATONIC scale ( do, re, mi, so and la) and the ABSOLUTE note names ( A, B,C)
This week we will discuss KEY SIGNATURES and why we need them

Together we will read other African American spirituals. Have you got any suggestions?

Ah vous dirai je Maman- Three questions from the video we watched last week:
What did you learn about Mozart?
What kind of music did he compose?
Why do you think he is known as one of the greatest composers?

Let’s review the C Scale – ABSOLUTE note names and solfa

This week we will learn some musical symbols that provide information about the song. I call it the road map.

This week we will listen to another piece by Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

We will discuss all of this during our Zoom meeting on Tuesday!
Questions, please email Ms Anita