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Heather McCollister

Class Name: Literature 2 – Grade 8

This week’s focus: The Story Chart and Metaphor

In preparation for Schole support class:

Read from 100 Great Short Stories – Young Goodman Brown on page 54, 2 different times this week. Be prepared to discuss the elements of the story chart in detail, with a greater emphasis on the plot.

The Art of Poetry – Read Chapter 2 on Metaphor, the introduction, Learning to Read closely section and the first four poems in the anthology and answer questions on it.

Read The Adventures of Huck Finn. This week, I would suggest Chapter 19-36.

In your reading, whether for schole or pleasure, as you come across quotes or inspiration, don’t forget to record them in your commonplace notebook.

To be completed this week:
From The Art of Poetry – Chapter 1 – Images. Be prepared to share one of the activities 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9, in class OR something you have added to your commonplace book.

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Memorize the poem, The Highwayman Part 1
In the reading section of the resource library of Schole@home, I have uploaded a google document of all of your autobiographical poems, part 1. I just realized that the file with the pictures of the poems with handwriting are too large, so I will convert them to type and upload Part 2 early next week.

A writing assignment from our study of Adventures of Huck Finn. It will be outlined midway through the month.
Please contact with any questions.