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Jasmine Chivers

Class Name Writing & Rhetoric 7/8
This week’s focus: Writing & Rhetoric 7 Lesson 2
In preparation for Schole support class: We will talk about Biography vs. Autobiography. This workbook includes biographies for you to use in order to write your encomium or vituperation essays. The biographies we read will give you information that you can use for praising or blaming an individual. The difference between a biography and autobiography: biography is written about someone, and autobiography is a self-written biography.
To be completed before class: Lesson 2: Read pages 15-22 and complete Tell It Back before class.
To be completed during the remainder of the week: Go deeper pages 24-28
Memoria. If you feel like challenging yourself, memorize the Memoria for class 
We will discuss submissions for October in our next class – It will be from Lesson 3 – the introductory paragraph including a hyperbole.
Zoom Info:
Wednesday class W&R 7/8: online Zoom 10 to 10:50 am.
Link: Ms. Jasmine is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting for W&R 7/8.

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Meeting ID: 747 8929 3276
Passcode: 1F2jxf
Please contact with any questions and submissions.