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Monica Hielema

Class Name: Writing & Rhetoric
Tutor: Monica Hielema
This week’s focus: Lesson 2 The Master Storyteller

In preparation for Schole support class:
• Begin LESSON 2:
 The Master Storyteller (page 12 and 14)
 Have student listen to the reading of Three Young Bulls and a Lion (only read once asking student to listen carefully before narrating).
 Tell it Back – narration (remember to give student the first sentence to help him/her get started)
 Finish Sentence Play on page 20: bring this to class as I will ask several students to share theirs.

• During Wednesday’s Zoom class we will work through TALK ABOUT IT and brainstorming for SUMMARY and AMPLIFICATION.
BRING TO CLASS: Small whiteboard and marker OR a clipboard with paper and marker. Completed sentence play from page 20.

To be completed this week: (this may be before or after Wednesday’s class)
• Complete Lesson 2 – GO DEEPER (page 17 and 18), write SUMMARY (page 20 and 21), and write AMPLIFICATION (page 22)

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

POEM to MEMORIZE (work toward word perfect memorization):

by Ogden Nash

Celery, raw,
Develops the jaw,
But celery, stewed,
Is more quietly chewed.

Amplification of The Hunter and the Doves to be handed in before the end of October.

Please contact with any questions and submissions.