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Gordon Hawkes

Class Name: Logic 1 – The Fallacy Detective
Tutor: Gordon Hawkes
To be completed this week:
• Read: Lesson 2 – Love to Listen
• Complete: Exercise 2 (p. 20-21)
• Assignment: Start a conversation by asking a question. Ask the person you’re talking with at least six questions. (Try to have at least three of these conversations where you focus on listening to the other person by asking questions.)
• Read: Lesson 3 – Opposing Viewpoints
• Complete: Exercise 3 (p. 24-25)
• Assignment: Pick a topic on which you have a strong opinion. List at least three reasons why people hold the opposing view. (Rather than just making the reasons up, try to find out what real people actually believe by either asking someone who disagrees, or do some research.)