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Catherine Hardy

Class Name: Art


(1) Watch the Lesson 3 Video on Texture:

(2) Do the following Warm-Up Exercise:

(3) Complete ONE of the following options for the Lesson #3 Project (for submission by the end of October):

Option 1: Divide a drawing page into six equal sections. Use your drawing pencils to fill in each section with a different texture that you observe in or around your home. Label each texture. If you are having trouble thinking of textured things to draw, consider the following:

– A cactus or other house plant
– A wooden surface (e.g., picnic table, fence)
– A family member’s hair
– An animal (with special attention to its fur)
– A woven basket
– Smooth pebbles
– Cracked pavement
– A head of broccoli
– A bowl of Corn Flakes

Option 2: Draw a subject of your choice in graphite pencil, featuring one or more textures. If you cannot think of a suitable subject, feel free to use one of the following images:


Polar Bear Fur:

Stone Wall:

Tree Bark:


Next drawing support session (via Zoom): Tuesday, October 27

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Students desiring additional practice with the step-by-step drawing of animals might wish to do the following:

Please contact Ms. Catherine at with any questions and project submissions