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Karyn Booth

Writing and Rhetoric 3

This week’s focus: Lesson 4 OUTLINING A NARRATIVE

In preparation for Schole support class:

This lesson brings the teacher in me MUCH JOY. The idea of understanding the main ideas is a life skill, so focus on skill building and practise and mastery will come. This lesson is another reason I appreciate this curriculum, this skill will be so useful for writing, reading, and public speaking.

FOR THIS WEEK please read page 41-45
Review the idea of Roman numerals. IF your student has not mastered these, make a cue card Roman and “regular” numbers on them.

To emphasize the ideas in the outline on page 43, consider using TWO COLOURS OF HIGHLIGHTER.
Looking at the outline, for the

COLOUR ONE-Roman numberals

Looking at the outline, go back through the story and find FIRST the main ideas.
For example I. Mother (sow) pig can’t keep her piggy children

And then highlight JUST that idea in the story—which is found on the first line of the story.

The goal of this is for the students to see that highlighting the main ideas ISN”T highlighting everything
AND to connect the outline through the story.

IN CLASS we will work on Androclus and the Lion.

Make an outline of a few paragraphs from either science or history.—Look for the topic sentence and then put the main ideas beneath it in point form.


Submit an outline for Cornelias’s Jewels. Please submit by Oct 31

Please contact with any questions and submissions.