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Karyn Booth


This week’s focus: At the Back of the North Wind

In preparation for Schole support class on Thursday October 29th:

PRINT a BLANK story chart.

Please have read up to chapter XX1 If possible.
A chapter a day is a good strategy.
That said, if you are behind, do not fret, rather work on catching up.

I likely did not encourage reading DURING rest week as much I should have said that.

In class we are considering these questions.
Please take some time to look at them and perhaps highlight evidence (quotes from the book) as you are reading that may answer these questions.

What is the mood or atmosphere of the place where the story happens? Is it cheerful and sunny, or dark and bleak,? What words, phrases, or descriptions does the author use to create this atmosphere?

Is the setting a real or imaginary place? If Is imaginary, is it subject to the same physical laws as our world?

To be completed this week:

Read a chapter a day and work on completing the book by the end of October.
Here is a link for the settings assignment I discussed one or two classes ago. I have changed the format of the original assignment, and instead of everyone keeping track of everything, we will collaborate and be responsible for a few chapters each. I took the student names and put them in the chart, so you will see yourself a few times…I put an example of “proof” of setting in the first couple of chapters. Please work on this and if you could have this worked on until at least chapter 21, that’d be great!

Copy this link into your browser and hopefully it comes up.

Don’t forget to keep up with your commonplace and learning the Hymn of Life

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

There are TWO Malcolm Guite poems in the Resources section of the Schole @home.
You are welcome to up these and any other words that jump out at you into your commonplace journal.


Complete to the end of Module 2 in Grammar of Poetry.
Finish At The Back of the North Wind by George Macdonald

Continue working on the assignment about setting.

Please contact with any questions and submissions.

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