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Karyn Booth

Literature 1

This week’s focus: Wrapping up At the Back of the North Wind by George Macdonald

In preparation for Schole support class:

Complete your contribution to the Settings chart in the google shared document.
Finish the book

In paragraph form, answer the settings questions in written form. This is your assignment for November.
Use the settings chart to support your answer.
Each question can be answered in ONE paragraph.
I am looking for a topic sentence and then sentences that support the topic sentence.
Sentences can use “quotes” from the settings chart. You may use supporting quotes from any chapter listed on the settings chart.
Please show evidence of some planning/organizing ideas/brainstorming/outlining.(hand this in too)
Your paragraphs should be written, then “rested” for a day or two, revisited, and checked for spelling, punctuation, capitalization. Read your paragraph ALOUD. Exactly as your wrote it. LISTEN for awkward phrasing, or missing ideas.
IF someone who has NOT read the book is given your paragraph, would it make sense to them?

What is the mood or atmosphere of the place where the story happens? Is it cheerful and sunny, or dark and bleak,? What words, phrases, or descriptions does the author use to create this atmosphere?

Is the setting a real or imaginary place? If Is imaginary, is it subject to the same physical laws as our world?

To be completed this week:

Begin reading THE YEARLING
There are 33 chapters. This book ideally is done before Christmas. IF you read at least ONE chapter a day, you will be done “early” .
Consider reading TWO chapters on weekdays…if you can or TWO on weekends and ONE on weekdays.

WHEN reading—underline/highlight/tag phrases, words, sentences that jump out to you.
I will give you a WONDER/NOTICE/MAKES ME THINK of in “chapter chunks” following this class.
Continue to add to your commonplace book, you may add things from beyond this class.

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Look up the next book, THE YEARLING’s author and bring at least three ideas to the next class.


TWO PARAGRAPHS, one for each question as listed above.
Recommended hand in before rest week, although by end of November is sufficient.
Tidy cursive/handwriting is welcome. Include a scan of planning. Please write your name on each page.

Please contact with any questions and submissions.