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Jasmine Chivers

Class Name Writing & Rhetoric 7/8
This week’s focus: Writing & Rhetoric 7 Lesson 4 and part of lesson 5
In preparation for Schole support class: We will talk about the introductory paragraph part 2 which is the Thesis Statement! Every well written essay has an introductory paragraph. The introduction will hook the reader and state the purpose of the essay. We will start our essays with a “hook” called a Hyperbole. Remember that a hyperbole is a deliberate exaggeration for the sake of emphasizing an idea to appeal to the emotions of your audience. Then we will follow that with the main idea of the essay which is called a THESIS! Remember that the thesis doesn’t just state a fact, but instead always takes a position or expresses an opinion, and that opinion is open to debate.
As well, this week we will go over Lesson 5 together. This is where the autobiography lesson comes in. Remember I told you that the autobiographies in this book are there to help us write our own essays? Our first essay will be on Frederick Douglass! So this lesson is a glimpse into Frederick’s life.
To be completed before class: Lesson 4: Read pages 45 to 51 and complete Tell It Back sample outline on page 51. In class we will go over the Go Deeper section together on page 53 to 62. The point of this learning this week is to feel comfortable with Thesis statements.
This means that after this week, we will be superstars at writing an introductory paragraph for our essays!!
To be completed during the remainder of the week: Frederick Douglass: pages 63 to 76. Really get to know him, and start the outline for your essay.
November submission: Frederick Douglass essay OUTLINE. This means you will use what we learn about Frederick Douglass in chapter 5 and the whole encomium in chapter 6 and use that to write the OUTLINE (November submission) for the Frederick Douglass essay (December submission—please use Rubric on page 116 to see what is required in the essay).
If you haven’t handed in your 5 Hyperboles, please do so this week. Thank you!
Zoom Info:
Wednesday class W&R 7/8: online Zoom 10 to 10:50 am.
Link: Ms. Jasmine is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting for W&R 7/8.

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