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Heather McCollister

This week’s focus: Conflict

Continue to have as much of Huck Finn read as possible.

To Be Completed this Week:

As we consider conflict this week record answers to the following questions in point form (with as much detail as possible) this week on a blank sheet of paper that you keep in a binder or notebook:
– Fill in the blank: This story is about the protagonist (Huck) trying to ______________.
– What is Huck attempting to overcome? Is it physical or emotional?
– What is Huck trying to capture?
– Give evidence supporting the compelling struggle: Is it….
Man Vs Man, Man Vs Nature, Man Vs God, Man Vs Society, Man Vs Himself
Beginning working on Art of Poetry Chapter 4 – Words. Make note of the vocabulary words you may not be familiar with in this chapter.

Be prepared in class to discuss: (NOTE THE EARLIER TIME OF 10:00)
*From Art of Poetry – Chapter 3 on Symbols – Activity section – question #7 I am hoping that most of you feel comfortable to do this!
*Questions given last week on character. From our discussion we will create together a diagram that highlights his growth and development as the book progresses from the beginning to end.
*Questions given this week on Conflict
Thank you to those that added quotes to the document on the land versus the river. There is still lots of room to add more if you haven’t had a chance yet.

Is anyone memorizing The Highway Man? Or together with your family have you memorized In Flanders Field. Let’s talk about this in class
Prepare an outline for an essay on how the river and the land are symbols of opposing worlds and what Huck gains from his experiences in both worlds by the end of the novel.

Just a heads- up! Next week one final writing assignment will be given to complete our work on Huck Finn. It will be due November 30th.

Please contact with any questions.