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Heather McCollister

Class Name: Literature 2 – Grade 8 and 9

This week’s focus: Plot

To Be Completed this Week:
As we consider plot, in reference to Huck Finn, record answers to the following questions in point form (with as much detail as possible) this week on a blank sheet of paper that you keep in a binder or notebook:
– List the major events that take place in the story as a result of the conflict?
– How do the interactions of the characters heighten the tension of the conflict that exists?
– What external impulses heighten the tension of the conflict that exists – weather, war, events.
– What is the main problem? How is it solved?
– What events form the highest point or climax of the story’s tension?

Contribute with quotes to the document supporting Huck’s Coming of Age. Make sure you follow the example I laid out. (Quote, then the place it is found, one sentence giving a brief background about what has happened and your name)

Finish working on Art of Poetry Chapter 4 – Words. In your commonplace book, record your favourite poem from this section. Begin working on Chapter 5. Sound and more Sound.


As no homework can be posted next week, I want you to be aware of and begin working on your final writing assignment for Huck Finn. Click on this attached link. Later on this week more details regarding a grading rubric will be posted WITHIN THIS DOCUMENT to guide you both in your planning and final submission. Due date will be December 4, 2020.
November’s Assignment for Submission
If you have any questions or comments, please email