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Karyn Booth

Writing and Rhetoric 3/4

This week’s focus: Lesson 6 The Protagonist

In preparation for Schole support class:
Parents read pages 70-72. You can summarize this for your student if you wish. Highlight the PROTAGONIST and CHARACTER TRAITS. Use the example on page 71 from Anne of Green Gables or a book you are reading together.

This Lesson has a lot of pages in it, but it’s not too bad. Have your student work on the short answer p.81-first half of 87 through the week, and/or over two weeks instead of one might make the workload lighter.

To be completed this week:

With your student read page 73-77. Before reading, remind them they will narrate so they should pay close attention to get their story narrated after as best as possible.

Complete the outline exercise on page 78-79. Remember to star the main ideas in the text, then look for the supporting details, THEN make the outline. THis is good practise, at the very least have your student FIND the main ideas and supporting details.

IN WEDNESDAY ZOOM CLASS we will be reviewing the chapter topic and working on
p.87 CHANGE THE DIALOGUE, discussing point of view, and what happens when a protagonist changes

We will discuss pages 88-93 in class. Those assignments would be good to do at home, but only if you feel you have time. I will try to incorporate those ideas in the dialogue assignment.

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Page 94 exercises


Page 87 Change the Dialogue. Complete Page 87 A or Page 88 B
Use the Planning and Checklist Page

We have one more class this month on December 16, Please have this completed by this class.

Please contact with any questions and submissions.