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MUSIC – GR. 5/6

Sleigh Ride with Body Percussion Rhythm challenge!!
Get ready to move to the music!
Sleigh Ride uses a RONDO form ABACA. This means sections will repeat. You may have to do it few times before you are able to get all the rhythms. Have fun!

O Come, O Come Emmanuel: Watch and listen to this beautiful version of O Come O Come Emmanuel

This Little Light of Mine: Watch this video. Wow!  They can really sing!

The Russian Dance from the Nutcracker Suite: Use your homemade percussion instruments to play along with this video

Hanukkah Hanukkah: Read and follow the melody, clap the rhythm with me

Rhythm Review: Print out the Christmas Tree rhythm handout (found under RESOURCES in the music tab) page before you watch the video. Be sure to have pencil crayons or markers. As I say a rhythm, repeat it and then find it on your page. Colour the ornament that has that rhythm pattern.

December 15 Video Link: Grade 5/6

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