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MUSIC – GR. 5/6

Sleigh Ride with Body Percussion Rhythm challenge!!
Get ready to move to the music!
Sleigh Ride uses a RONDO form ABACA. This means sections will repeat. You may have to do it few times before you are able to get all the rhythms. Have fun!

O Come, O Come Emmanuel: Watch and listen to this beautiful version of O Come O Come Emmanuel and research the Scripture references for this hymn.

Thank you to Abigail, Sam, Toby, and Kylie for sharing your musician presentations. Well done!

Joy to the World:This tune is based on a D Major scale.  Print out the music (found in the RESOURCES tab under Music) and complete the solfa and ABSOLUTE note names.

Our next lesson will be on Tuesday, January 5. We will hear musician presentations from the following students:  Gracie, Eli, Henry, Noah, Asher and Simon

December 15 Video Link: Grade 7-9

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