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Catherine Hardy

Class Name: Art

PLEASE NOTE: The STUDENT ART SHOWCASE for Fall is available for viewing at the links provided below:

The slideshows feature a selection of artwork done by students between September and December. I hope that you and your child(ren) enjoy it.Schole students can be proud of their accomplishments to date. Please keep in mind that there is a wide range in age and skill level amongst students.I am confident that each student will continue to grow and progress artistically as they continue to draw regularly and learn to use new tools. Thank you for your commitment to encouraging your child at home!

Grades 3-6 Showcase:

Grades 7-9 Showcase:


(1) Watch the Lesson 7 video:

(2) Print and complete the following warm-up exercise (not for submission):

(3) Choose one reference image to use for the drawing project. There are three different levels of difficulty (Level 3 being the most challenging). Choose whichever level seems most suitable. Each level offers three different artworks for students to choose from.

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

(4) Kindly submit the completed drawing to Ms. Catherine at (a jpeg format is preferred).

Please contact Ms. Catherine at with any questions.