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Annemarie Barwich

Ms Annemarie’s post for Ms. Jasmine’s class

Class Name Well Ordered Language 3 A/B

This week’s focus: WOL 3A Chapter 7

In preparation for Schole support class: This lesson is about interrogative pronouns. They are interrogative because they help us ask a question that helps us discover the antecedent. This means that each “who, whose, whom, which, or what” represents something but we don’t know, therefore, we are asking the question in order to discover the answer. For example:

To whom did these silver-gray footprints belong?

The interrogative pronouns can be subjective, objective, or possessive.

Subjective = who wrote the poem? Objective = What did you say? Possessive = Whose pen wrote it?

When we analyze the sentences, you will notice that they are all interrogative sentences ending in a question mark.

Zoom class is January 8 from 11:30-12

To be completed this week: Complete the above reading and Lesson to Learn A on pages 152-153, B 154-155, C 156-157.

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

Sentences to practice found on pages 158-159.


Chapter 7 quiz due at the end of January.

Please contact with any questions and submissions.