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Karyn Booth

Writing & Rhetoric 3

This week’s focus: Lesson 8 Historical Narrative and W5 & H ideas from Lesson 9

** Parents please note we are finishing this book soon. WE have FOUR lessons and two classes until we switch books. We will discuss the ideas from LESSON 9 in our class. Lesson 9 can be completed as optional enrichment. Lesson 10 is going to be done on your own time, it is optional. Lesson 11 will be the homework in TWO parts, one assigned to be completed after this class and before next, the second part will be worked on next class. If you have questions or concerns please email me. **

In preparation for Schole support class:

P115-117 Read through THE GREAT FIRE IN ROME AD 64 x2
Highlight fact in one colour
Highlight opinion in another

TELL IT BACK—this is a good skill to practice. Remind your student about this before reading so they can practice retelling the story back to you.
And then complete p 117

WEDNESDAY ZOOM CLASS we will complete
Go Deeper p 118-120

*If you are comfortable sharing on zoom, you may share your summary of the Great Fire from page 129

To be completed this week:

Read the start of Chapter 11. Historical Fiction. Read p 176-177 and START P 181-185 but only after considering this:
The book suggests a Roman based story. This is a good option as there is a lot of information on that p 177-181. However, if your student is not keen, the other option is any other story that has been covered this year in History with Ms Monica. The alternative to the Roman story is more challenging as it requires more researching on your own, however if you have read an excellent read aloud or picture book about a history person we have studied, then that would be helpful. Examples would be Harriet Tubman, David Livingston, William Wilberforce…

ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more

P131 Amplification The Destruction of Pompeii
AND or
Complete the rest of Lesson 9

Lesson 11 Historical Fiction story. Before next W and R class P181-185 as referenced above.

Please contact karynbooth.tutor@gmail,cin with any questions and submissions.