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Monica Hielema

Class Name: Literature Grades 3 / 4
Tutor: Monica Hielema
To be completed this week:
• Read 20 minutes / day (minimum) from Kenny & the Dragon

• When finished, continue reading books of choice, suggestions include:
(R: Independent grade reading level)

The Sword in the Tree (Bulla) R: 2-6
Titanic: Lost and Found (Donnelly) R: 2-4
Wagon Wheels (Brenner) R: 2-4
The House on Walenska Street (Herman) R: 3-A
The Littles (Peterson) R: 3-7
A Llama in the Family (Hurwitz) R: 4-8
Classical Reader
This month’s ASSIGNMENT:
• After you have finished reading the novel, complete the following to prepare for our Literature discussion on February 5th.
• Email the Kenny & the Dragon Reflection to Ms. Monica BEFORE February 5th:
Please contact with any questions and submissions.