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Jasmine Chivers

Class Name Writing & Rhetoric 9/10
This week’s focus: Writing & Rhetoric 9 Lesson 8 Second Impersonation: Henry Williamson
In preparation for Schole support class: We will talk about impersonation. You get to pretend to be a figure from history, and you will get to write an essay as if you were that person. This is impersonation.
You will borrow parts of a historical person’s biography to write with more credibility.
You will adopt aspects of the person’s writing style.
You will master the art of writing and speaking persuasively.
You will put your descriptive powers to work
You will look more carefully at the writing style or outlook of a historical person
You will use Pathos (appeals to emotion), Ethos (appeals to credibility), and Logos (appeals to logic) to persuade people
Please complete the Writing Tine from page 164 to 175
Please read about Henry Williamson in Lesson 8.
ENRICHMENT – Those who desire more:
Complete writing time from page 164 to 175 for our next class in January.
From Lesson 7: submit a 4 paragraph impersonation essay for end of January. Rubric is on page 152.
Please include your name on your writing.
Zoom Info:
Wednesday class W&R 9/10: online Zoom 1 to 1:50 pm.
Link: Ms. Jasmine is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting for W&R 9/10.

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Meeting ID: 789 2745 7687
Passcode: 0hMXXW
Please contact with any questions and submissions.