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Jasmine Chivers

Class Name Well Ordered Language 3 A/B
This week’s focus: WOL 3A Chapter 8
In preparation for Schole support class: This lesson is about relative (adjectival) clauses—we can also call them adjectival clauses. The relative clause has a subject and a verb, BUT it cannot stand alone. It needs a principal clause for it to function.
What this means is that it can’t live by itself even if it has a subject and a verb for example: “who watched the sparrows.” This sentence outside of its principal sentence “Matthias waited patiently for his chance” doesn’t make sense. But when you put them together then they make sense: “Matthias, who watched the sparrows, waited patiently for his chance.”
A few items to remember when dealing with relative clauses:
The relative clause is always placed directly after its antecedent. This way, the word group is placed neatly in its proper place in the sentence.
Many relative clauses begin with a relative pronoun such as who, which, and that, whom, and whose.
Zoom class is January 20 from 11:30-12
To be completed this week:
Complete the above reading and Lesson to Learn A on pages 176-177, B 178-179, C 180-181.
ENRICHMENT – Extra resources for children and families who desire more
Sentences to practice found on pages 182-183.
Chapter 7 quiz due at the end of January.
Please contact with any questions and submissions.