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Heather McCollister

Class Name: Grade 8/9 Literature 2
This week’s focus: Animal Farm

Continue Working On:

1. Read Chapters 7-8 of Animal Farm – by George Orwell

2. As you read, continue to use the attachment where we recorded all the characters introduced and some notes about his/her personality. Begin working on adding details to column 3 and 4 as plot events unfold. Is there evidence through quotes that you can include to support personality characteristics?

3. In your commonplace book, record another sentence or quote from Animal Farm that you find interesting and be prepared to share it with the class on Thursday Feb. 4th.

4. Read through Chapter 10 – Art of Poetry — Read about Verse poems in the following sections Villanelle, Sestina, and Sonnet this week. Pgs 111-124

Enrichment for those who are wanting more:

1. Complete some research and reading on Russia during 1900- 1950. How does it sound similar to Animal Farm? Can you link the historical figures from Russia to the events unfolding in Animal Farm?
2. Memorize a poem from Chapter 10 in Art of Poetry

The attached link has A LOT of information from our class discussion on January 21, 2021. The first page reiterates the assignment. The following pages are for your REFERENCE and HELP, not necessary to complete and hand in.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me